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We at OraSolve Consulting look at ourselves as a different type of consulting firm.  We believe that by ensuring our clients success, we ensure our own.  Our mission is to ensure the success of the client project. Period. The sole reason for any consulting firm is the continued success of the client. This can only be done by ensuring that we assign only qualified resources to a client project. Then ensuring the resource completes the assignment to clients’ satisfaction.  Having started our careers as permanent employees: We at OraSolve Consulting have a different take on the consulting life cycle. Watching the interaction of consultants and employers, we believe we have  a better method for both the client and ourselves. We are a 100% services organization. Our only activity is the supply of consulting resources against client defined specific requirements. We believe this business is simple and little can be written that has not already appeared in every promotional brochure of every company in the industry. We have developed our reputation by protecting our clients reputation. We offer a quality service and are committed to maintaining our clients respect and admiration .Therefore, we pledge; OraSolve consulting will treat each and every client as if they are the most important thing in our universe. Because they are the most important thing in our universe.